Devotional – If not for God’s Grace

Devotional – If not for God’s Grace

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered how did God get you here? I have looked back, and I have been amazed, flattered and just completely stunned sometimes.

Not by anything that I have done, because I haven’t done anything or achieved any success without God. But I am amazed by His grace and mercy, following me all the days of my life.

Why is God interested in us?

Sometimes I truly wonder why God is so interested in us as mere mortals. I could never understand how a perfect, majestic, all powerful God would look upon us and care, love and make ways out of the desert for us. He would take the time to bail us out of the troubles we have placed ourselves in and yet still love us unconditionally, as if we’ve never done wrong.

I don’t know if anyone’s ever figured this out, but every time I feel I’m smart enough to think I may understand this God, He shows me just how little I do know about Him.

Even in school

When I was a child, I wasn’t doing well in school. I tried my best but still couldn’t be in the top half of the class. When I wrote Common Entrance, (now known as SEA) I passed for a Junior Secondary School (these have now been turned into five year colleges). My two brothers before me had passed for prestigious schools and so to hear this was like an explosion in my heart.

Unknown to me, my parents didn’t want to send me to this school. They thought I wouldn’t do well and wondered if they could sacrifice and take the little money my father made to send me to school where my brothers were doing so well and needed the financial support. My eldest sister told me that she came then and asked them to send me to the school for at least the first year and see how I made out.

God comes on the scene

Well, can I just tell you that God came on the scene (also at that time unknown to me!). You see, I gave my heart to Jesus when I was just about to go off to school. Within the three semesters of that year I had topped the class with fabulous grades.

This not very smart girl, who couldn’t find her way anywhere near the top of the class, stood on the dean’s list and graduated from that school, with acknowledgements, at graduation.  Nothing save Christ alone! When I look back, I saw God literally taking me through and making me into something that I could never achieve alone.

Today I want to say that God’s word is so absolutely true. Psalms 139: 13-16 says:

When things are falling apart

If you feel that you’re not seeing things come together in your life, my advice is go to God. He knows everything about you, and He is the one that has already planned everyday of your life. He is the only one who can make the dreams in your heart come true.

As you turn to Him, may He direct your paths, Amen.

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