Devotional – But for the Grace of God

So there I was, minding my own business on my way home after a fantastic Sunday morning service. It was the kind of service you just know God was in the place, changing hearts and proving Himself.

It was a day of re-commitment and submitting to what God wanted to do in your life from this moment on. How refreshing it is to be in His presence, knowing that God will have your back as long as you put Him first and do His will!

Almost home and then…

I had just dropped some relatives off and was just a few minutes away from my house. All I wanted to do was get home and do the general things you do on a Sunday evening before the work week, especially relax.

I turned onto my street. Out of nowhere, this black car is coming so close to me! I’m thinking this guy must be crazy, because he looks as though “bang” he’s gonna hit me!!

All I could have done was pull away from this guy, and I heard this crashing screeching sound. Good lord, this guy is actually hitting me!!

I sat there shocked, just a few houses away from my home. All my neighbors came running out. I’m sure some of them left their Sunday lunch on hearing that sound. One of them asked me if I could come out of the car. By then I realized I had put the car in park and didn’t even switch off the engine.

When I tried, I couldn’t open the door to come out, because the other car was so close to mine. I crawled out the passenger side in my long skirt. I felt myself shaking like a leaf, so I leaned on the neighbor’s wall.

Shaken, but not Stirred

By then the neighbor across the street from me had arrived. He placed his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was okay. It was only then I realized I should check for cuts and bruises. Not one scratch, so I told him beside shaken, I was fine.

When I got up the courage, I slowly walked towards the driver’s side of the car. I looked in amazement and then understood why my neighbor asked if I was okay.

The entire right side of the car was terribly damaged. I couldn’t say a word. I stood there in complete disbelief – that someone would run into me, so close to home, damage my car that much and yet not one scratch on me.

Why did this happen to me?

After all the formalities, I eventually went home, and thanked God for protecting me. Even in this, I did ask Him why, why did this happen to me? I did nothing wrong, I was on my side of the street and the guy was driving too fast and lost control of his car. Why Lord, why did you let it happen? And on a Sunday too!

God said nothing to me, but I felt His warmth and knew He was there in spite of everything.

I had to then go through the drama of reporting the accident to the Insurance Company that covers me. There were pages of forms to fill out. Oh, it was such a painstaking ordeal.

There was this particular section that asked to describe the accident. As I started writing what had taken place, it became clearer to me that God had really saved and protected me in all of this.

When the gentleman who was doing the estimate for damages came to discuss the parts that had to be replaced, I felt as though God Himself was answering my question that I had asked the night before:

“Why did you let this happen to me?”

Just the right spot

God showed me if the guy had hit me head-on, or had he missed the fender and impacted the door, my life would have been in danger. I would not have been able to walk out of that car as easily as I had done that day.

I became overwhelmed as God showed me this. There I was, angry that God had allowed this accident to happen to the gift he had blessed me with. Meanwhile, God was saying that’s all it is, a gift, but that my life was much more important to Him.

After I got home I couldn’t stop thinking of how God had saved me from what the devil had meant for disaster. I realized that because of the commitment I had made to God that day, that the devil was very mad about it and needed to show me that he could wreck havoc in my life.

But for the Grace of God

Only by God’s Grace. But for God’s true love and grace towards us as His children. Although my car was damaged, and it was a really stressful time, and all the drama that followed with the police station, the Insurance company and the garage – God kept me.

When folks see the pictures of the car and realized that I had not a scratch on me, they are in amazement and even confess that God had indeed saved me from being hurt.

Today I am alive but for the grace of God. I cannot thank Him enough for being my shield, my protector and for walking me through this entire ordeal.

Today I want to tell you that following God has a cost, the cost of having Satan as your enemy and not your friend.

But in that same breath, I also want to remind you that when you denounce Satan and make a choice to serve God, the living God, He and His entire Host of Heaven stands on your side to protect and deliver you out of every weapon that is formed against you as His child.

No Weapon formed against me shall prosper

Don’t believe it because I am saying it. This is found in God’s Holy Word:

Isaiah 54:17
“No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord..”

Keep trusting in God to take care of you when you make a choice to serve Him and obey His will for your life, Amen.

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