Devotional – God sees your Heart

When Jesus met the disciples they were really a bunch to talk about. Basically they were a bunch of cussing, tax collecting, smelly men who probably didn’t dress or groom themselves well.

Aren’t you glad God sees hearts!! There was always something about them that stunned me. They were called by Jesus to follow Him, and they left what they were doing and followed Him. The fishermen, the tax collector, the brother who called out to His other sibling that they had met Jesus – they all forsook what they were doing and followed the Lord.

Now I’m sure they would have heard about Him and a few of them were waiting on Him, but to leave at a moment’s notice and simply follow someone else tells me something about these men. Jesus took them from simple men and in two and half years their lives were so changed that they would never be the same.

Jesus took the ordinary and saw in them extraordinary qualities that they used to revolutionize the entire world (at that time). They did it without phones, cars, aircrafts or technology. They performed some of the greatest miracles.

People knew the power of God was so strong upon Peter that they would lay the sick along the road he passed on so that his shadow would fall upon them (and they were healed). These men together with a few others (like Paul) turned the world upside down.

We may not have the experiences the disciples/apostles had, but we are all called of God, we each have a purpose to fulfill (Isaiah 14:27, Ephesians 1:11, 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20). The question is will you look at yourself and say that you are not good enough? Or will you look to God who can take anything, as a matter of fact can take nothing and make something out of it (Genesis 1) and can make anything new (2 Corinthians 5:17)?

If the disciples had looked at themselves and said they weren’t good enough (Peter denied the Lord three times and he was with Jesus) then where would we have been today?

I’m sure they all had their moments, especially when Jesus was crucified right in front of their eyes. It would have been easy for them to give up and walk away and say they weren’t good enough anyway, but they didn’t. They walked through every moment of their lives and with God on their side decided that their current positions were not going to stop them from being what Jesus wanted them to be.

With God, almost doesn’t count, so if you almost gave up – He doesn’t see that – He sees your willing heart and that’s all God needs.

Be confident that as long as you are willing, God will work out the rest. So be happy on your road to becoming all God wants you to be. It will never happen overnight – perfection takes time, and you will find that with every experience you learn more about yourself and God and in turn that same experience can be a blessing to someone else’s journey.

May God’s grace and unmerited favor flood your heart and may His Word strengthen and sustain you, Amen.

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