Devotional – What’s the Reason Behind Why you do?

As Christians we have the tendency to point to all the things we are doing for the Lord, the church and our families. But there is something to be said about the reason why you do these things.

It’s really nice, and sometimes necessary, to do things for the Lord and all that concerns Him. Sometimes there is no one else around. Or you may have the perfect skill or necessary tools to get that particular job done. The important thing is to do what God is asking of us.

I have come to find out that the thing God asks us to do is never the thing we may like or the thing that is glamorous, nor the thing that is comfortable.

Personally, I like being in the background and doing things in groups rather than standing out. But what does God ask me to do – stand out!

All the while I’m comfortably doing things in the background. It’s necessary and sometimes critical, but that is my comfort zone. And, if I continue there, then I don’t really need God to see me through, because I can handle my comfort zone.

God asks us to do things outside our comfort zone

But He asks us to do things outside our comfort zone. And when I look at the lives of some of the folks around me, I think He asks some of us to do things way outside our comfort zones.

You see, God designed our lives to fulfill His purpose, only with Him directing our paths. We must depend on God to see us through every step. Don’t ever think for a minute that we can accomplish any of it without Him. To do so would be truly foolish.

Fulfilling your dreams

If you have ever tried to fulfill any dream in your life without God, you would have found that it was quite difficult. In fact, downright frustrating. That’s because you weren’t meant to do it without God.

I have myself struggled to make things happen in my life. And it was so frustrating that I felt like giving up. That is, until I learnt this secret. That I couldn’t do it without God standing right by my side, showing me every step of the way.

Now I don’t even think about doing anything in my own strength because I know better. And though the tasks may be just as difficult, I know that with God on my side, everything will work out. And He will be glorified in it.

Today I encourage you to let God be your guide. Allow him to show you each step to take. It may not be easy. But you will be confident knowing that God will see you through, Amen.

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