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Desperately Needs Prayer for my Children and Mom

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

I come to you humbly now to ask you to agree with me in prayer. I pray that the false accusations against me be reversed and that my name is publicly cleared. Similarly, that God will cancel and destroy all of Satan’s attacks on my marriage. I pray that God removes the spirit of divorce from my husband and restore our marriage and family with complete healing. Amen. Thank you so much.

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  1. Yvonne Marie Miller English Lady in USA he rock that is higher

    ✝️Dear Father God, I stand up with RH and humbly ask for Your hand upon her life.
    Please be the Rock that she can cling to when the stormy waves of life threaten to sweep over her head. Do not allow her to be consumed by fear and discouragement, we cast down in Jesus Holy name the evil one and all his lying ways.
    Please Father restore to her and her family all that Satan has stolen from her.
    Lord please show to RH that just like in Bible times You are still able to Heal the Sick and calm the turbulent waters of every tragic situation.
    In the Blessed Name of my Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus name I ask this.Amen. ✝️?

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