Jerusalem, Israel

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Today I had to go to a section of the ship which was being used by the Israeli Customs and Immigration. I was asked for my passport which I produced, then had a long wait. Everyone else was interviewed and taken care of and I was last.

When my turn came, they asked me several questions about my name and heritage. They asked about my grandparents, my father, my siblings, my husband. They wanted to know why my mother was with me on this trip and not my husband.

They were trying to find out who I knew in India and Israel, if I had any weapons in my room or on me. They came back to the same questions about who I knew in India and who I was going to meet in Israel. I had to sit down and explain the history of indentured laborers of Trinidad to them and why I knew no one from there. I have no idea why they gave my mom her pass and not treat her the same since we have the same surname.

Then I had to explain which religious holidays I celebrate and my religion. I had to explain how I immigrated to Canada and why. They queried how many times I had previously visited Israël.

They took my passport again. By this time, it was almost 1 pm and our group was supposed to disembark. I could not tell if we had docked or not.

I had to wait for interview #3. At that time, I was questioned about my mother and why I wanted to visit the Holy Land.

By this time, I heard the announcement that we had docked. They stamped my landing pass, and wished me a good time.

Thank you my sweet Jesus, for all your blessings. God is good and faithful. Click To Tweet

Right now it is almost 9:30 pm. We are dancing in the desert with some belly dancers. It is sooooo beautiful here, with Jordan on one side and Israel on the other.

I have never seen such a beautiful country before! Despite what we see on the news, it is a peaceful place. You feel the peace that surpasses all understanding on this soil. The Israelis are so beautiful.

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Rio M is a Sister who is learning to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk of Jesus. Her favourite description of herself is "Being a very child-like child of God" and she enjoys serving Him in that way, always with joy and humour and beaming with His love.

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