Day 3 – Ask and You WILL Receive!

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We are not yet in the country which we both wish to see, Israel, but there are already so many things to say about this trip and the experiences, yet I cannot seem to find the words to express it.

I wrote in my diary that today I am feeling the big blessing that this trip is and I am in awe of God and how He has pulled through for me to be able to bless my mother with this journey. Everything about it is beautiful, especially seeing God’s creation on this side of the world.

The speakers from the Hay House group, who organized this cruise are all excellent. Today I cried when Anita Moorjani (Dying to be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Heaing) told her story about her life, death and what she saw.

Her message contained some pivotal information for me to hear, about how I must move on in my life. Even my mother recognized it was for me.

I have made some decisions and all of them involve going with God even more strongly than before, in everything and just trusting Him all the way. You know why? The journey will get even better and I will be fulfilling God’s plan and purpose in my life.

As for the cruising part, I was so happy to hear my mother finally say “This is the life!” We are enjoying ourselves tremendously doing whatever we feel like. I am making sure that we both walk as much as we can everyday.

This morning mommy even offered to climb some stairs for exercise. We are not over indulging on the food but enjoying the food tremendously. Today as we were dining outside, we watched the sunset. It was so beautiful!

If I could leave you with a couple of things I learned today, they would be:

1. We make decisions based on 2 choices: love or fear. Choose decisions based on LOVE. Treat yourself with love, don’t forsake yourself and put yourself first.

2. John 16:24 – Ask and you WILL receive, that your JOY may be FULL.


The Israeli immigration has had our passports since we left on Saturday. Tomorrow, we will meet them and our passports should be returned. They did this so that we won’t have to clear immigration when we land in Israel. 

Mom has had her entry into Israel approved, but they interviewed me and I am still waiting for the request to be granted. I am not nervous or anything, but sometimes we just need a little extra prayer, as this is taking longer than they told us.

The immigration officers said they will leave me a voice mail overnight to let me know what time I will be interviewed tomorrow. This will be my second interview, which they said is routine.

I told my mom I recognize when something great is going to happen to me, the enemy raises his ugly face, so I am able to recognize my spiritual attacks. 

In this case, I have God’s BEST: I reminded the enemy that Jesus is my first and big Brother and I have sent Him to deal with the matter.

I am still grounded in the Lord in my faith, that I have already gotten through and I have my very blessed pass, praising and thanking Jesus all the way!

Your prayers and blessings are appreciated to join with me in agreement that it is done in my favor through the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus the Christ, amen, amen and amen.

This is how the enemy works, but God is great and victory is mine, in Jesus’s name, amen. I also claim that the first will be last and the last (me) will be first to disembark, for it is written in His Word.

My mom just looked at me said “I am not worried about you. That is between you and the devil and I am not worried about you. God did not bring you here to drop you in the middle of the ocean like that.”

Do not doubt the incredible love that God has for you. All He wants to do is bless you, especially when you are obedient to Him.

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