Day 2 – Blessings at Pompeii

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Today we were on the western coast of Italy and visited Pompeii. This is our final tour before heading to Israel.

Mom did exceedingly well. The drive to Amalfi took us over a mountain. The roads were narrow and the bus was big. Italians stop for nothing, they just know how to manoeuvre their vehicles to make everything fit. My mother will live to surpass age 100; the amount of walking we did today was quite strenuous, but she kept up!

Approaching the western coast of Italy
Approaching the western coast of Italy

Pompeii is interesting. It is not “bodies everywhere with grimacing faces”. I am amazed at the history, remembering the emperors I had studied in school and now, seeing where they lived and how they lived, is breath-taking. The excavation is still ongoing. I could write more about Pompeii, but I will spare you.

Today, after speaking to 2 persons about how these authors and God changed their lives, I was able to give them hope and faith in their life journeys, after sharing a little about mine. One woman said she wants to hear from me again, before the cruise is over. I don’t quite remember exactly what I said to both but I remember it had to do with how I pray and speak to God to receive my blessings, and how He always comes through for me, greater than I asked for, 100% of the time. She told me I should sit down and write a book.

The woman said she came to this cruise to complete an intention that she has in her life, as she has been feeling as if her intention is not entirely clear. She has fear in it. My conversation gave her new hope with clarity. I thank God for that. As for the man, I showed him how God can mend relationships, if we ask Him to.

They said they are both going to pray differently now.

From the ship this evening, we were able to see the fireworks along the coast which they had for St. Francis. How beautiful is that? He was Dr. Dyer’s inspiration and played a pivotal role in his life.

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  1. Thank you. This is wonderfully inspirational! GOD bless you and keep serving GOD. Amen. Thank you so much for sharing!