Why i Dare to ware a crucifix

Why I Dare To Wear A Crucifix

I have always worn a crucifix and have no religious beliefs or explanations in wearing one. It was started by my parents. Over the years, they just thought of it as a symbol against evil and nothing else. It was something just in the mind really, coming to think of it.

Does wearing a crucifix make you a Christian?

I was once told-off by this guy in the driving school. He was waiting along with me for his lessons and he noticed the crucifix. He asked me “So you think by wearing a cross it makes you a Christian?”.

I was 19 at the time. I felt so defenseless because he was a total stranger and I never argued in public.

But today, wisdom tells me it’s no point wasting time arguing, explaining or making a point across to someone who is easily judgmental. Someone who is all out to find faults and loopholes to attack another, who is not of the same mindset.

It professes to others your faith in Christ

And while I was on office duty this week, a colleague from a foreign land asked me “Oh, you are a Christian?”. It reminded me so much of the guy who spoke his mind in the driving school. But nothing controversial took place thankfully. It was just that my first name didn’t sound like a Christian name.

Well, wearing a crucifix, or carrying a Bible, doesn’t make us more a Christian. Neither does it make us any less. It’s all in the heart and the way people see us as a Christian.

It’s a sign to other Christians

We may have heard ‘the cross is the sign of a Christian’. It may be just a sign or symbol but what the cross truly means in our hearts and in our lives is much more important and significant than just being a sign or symbol.

I’m not ashamed to wear a crucifix or carry a Bible in my hand, on a flight or anywhere. Rather, I’m proud of it, for there’s a true, deep meaning to both for me.

It’s a self-reminder of my faith

I felt the more I had it with me, the more I am telling myself to behave as a follower of Christ. But nevertheless, it does not make me any more a pious Christian or closer to God. It’s what I am and what I portray that makes me truly one.

“Faith is a journey we take and a relationship we make with the Lord our God, and who we are as a person in Christ.”

The love and service for God and His people is the true essence of being called a Christian. No outward appearance can substantiate the piety reverence, but the love we have in the depth of our hearts for the Lord our God and for one another. Amen!

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  1. I need prayer for my 4 adult kids all graduates but no job. Two are of marriageable age but can’t get married because no job to sustain them. Please pray for God to remember them.