Prayers and discussion during the COVID-19 pandemic

How are you coping? Prayers and discussion during the COVID-19 pandemic

In these unprecedented times, as countries around the world struggle to deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19, the invisible enemy) pandemic, people are anxious and fearful. They are concerned about what is going to happen to their families, their jobs, and the way of life as we once knew it.

We don’t know how long this pandemic will continue and also how our lives will be changed. At this time, let us remember that the best coping mechanism is to turn our attention directly to God – in prayer, praise & worships, just lifting up His name.

How are you coping at this time? Leave your comments below and join the discussion!

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  1. It has been difficult, but I trust God will deal with it soon, prayers are being answered, vaccines are entering phase 2 trials now, treatments are being discovered. This is my prayer, vaccines, therapies to overcome this thing, for our elderly ones and for the child ones, for our generations to come, may we, with Gods strength, overcome it. May God illuminate the scientist’s minds and brains to bring healing to the earth and to the peoples, today, and now, soon, quick as can be. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. Amen, Amen, Amen.

  2. I am praying for our Nation our World and everyone that is in it. This Covid19 has took a toll on my family. I took my husband to see the Dr because of sinus problems. After the Dr checked him he had Bronchitis and pneumonia. Then they tested him for
    Covid19 and he was positive. He was in ICU for 3 1/2 weeks on a ventilator.
    This has been the hardest time for me and my children. But GOD, was with us every step of the way. We prayed and prayed every day every night. We read the word everyday. I had some sleepless nights. I know God was right beside me. He didn’t leave me for 1 second. Thank you God. I could not do or say anything without God. Friday April 16 my husband came out of ICU into a regular room breathing on his own.
    Only GOD!!!!!! I am so very Grateful to GOD. Now he’s waiting to go to rehab.
    Glory to God!!!! Thank you God, Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah! I Thank you God!

    1. Father I know you are powerful for everything even this covid 19 heavenly father Lord Jesus Christ help us to get humble to you.. I pray now for around the world who suffering this virus. And Italy is getting worse specially America but I know Lord you are very powerful to stop this plague.. Amen

      1. I praying and fasting for all the Nation around the world specially all the government to work together no fighting against each other.. Heavenly father Lord Jesus Christ please help them to peace of mind any gornverment who is fighting against each other and winners confirmed about the vaccine for covid 19. Lord I know you can stop this disasse killing people around the world this time..

  3. I Trust God. Been homeless working full time. My acct is low I spent my last to apply for apt. Leasing agent had no professional stance to only text and not call. Please pray that every hinderance spirit Witchcraft spirit operating thru my birth mother Barbarabe broken off my life. I pray God supply’s my need of Food water and home of my own. This airbnb Im in has costed me 1 mth rent that I am paying weekly. Just agree with me in prayer I will get favor on application

  4. I live in California. We all are facing trying times…. ALL OVER THE WORLD…I believe God is, once again, trying to tell us something. I pray often and through my life experiences I have learned to stand on His Word, because one way or another, He always come through. Is life perfect for me, no way…I am very much still a work in progress, so far it is a path that I am so grateful for. Without God, His power and strength within me…I do not know if I would be able to face the realities of today. I am not concerned….I do not fear….I do not panic. For the 1st time in my life I have a clear understanding of the Word of God which says DO NOT Worry .. Matthew 6:25. God and His Word are TRUTH…Isaiah 26:3. We see the Word of God coming to pass daily. We are BELIEVERS and we TRUST HIM through it all…NO MATTER what we hear, see, think or experience. Staying in Faith is what gets me through….I can’t explain it….BUT GOD….that’s it/that’s all….BUT GOD…my DAILY focus….
    Everyday you awake THANK HIM for another Blessed and favorable day. Pray for those who are experiencing the worse from this virus. Thank Him for His protection, provision. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING….No Matter.

    1. This is the type of talk and hope we need to hear at times like these…and indeed always.
      So uplifting against despondency. Thanks for sharing Lanie. Stay blessed and safe.

  5. I am also going through the same situation in Pretoria, am living with my 83 year old mother after a long term relationship ended badly amid lockdown it brings life and God so much more into perspective

  6. I am praying for everyone . I struggle with fear but I am trying to stand in faith and trusting God .

    1. I am learning to trust God more and building my faith that this to shall pass I’m a prayer warrior in the army for Christ Jesus God the Father God the son and God the holy spirit in Jesus name I pray Amen Hallelujah.?

  7. I am from St. Lucia and it has been a very very challenging moment.

    This can be very scary if you don’t have God at the center of your life. Our country has been on a 24-hour curfew from April 1st. So I have been in lockdown for 3 days. It can get very scary and I even get anxious which causes my heart to race. But when I feel that way, I go to God.

    I pray the word of God to bring comfort to each and every one of us dealing with this pandemic. God will see us through if we trust Him and have faith.

  8. We are locked down. It’s three days now , but my family and I are doing great. I just pray for God’s continuous protection over us. Thank you, Lord. COVID 19 is not the end, it is just a wake-up call for us to draw closer to the father.

    1. Yes I pray for all of us and our families. God wants those who turned their back on Him to call out to Him. This the time to be in His Word. God have Mercy on Us the World.

    2. I am in South Africa, Cape Town. We are in lockdown for a week now, and for many, it’s still not a reality and just go buy as normal, which put a heavy task on hand for our authorities.
      For me, the lockdown is not a big thing now, as I have been confined to my home a couple of years ago when my husband was sick with cancer and I looked after him. I was busy as I was taking care of him, yes. When he passed, it was a different story. I was completely alone and the busy stopped one shot after the funeral. I was unemployed during his illness and afterward. I bake 3D cakes for an income, however, it was difficult. Long story short, my daughter told me to tune in on the Christian radio station Radio Tygerberg 104 in Cape Town. The radio and DJ’s became my friends. I was literally worshipping and had church throughout the day. My terrible loneliness and heartache went away and I found purpose and the 4 walls in my house were nothing as I knew and felt the freedom Jesus died on the cross for us. I talked to Him out loud and boy, did I worship!! Fortunately, I always loved music and have a very good sound system and for me (at that time 47) loud music was and still is not a problem.
      The moral is, turn up your Gospel music and if possible, tune in on a Christian radio station or watch Youtube sermons and music videos. I also use Spotify for the latest music and I am so blessed. My daughter is now staying with me for more than a year now. Although I am here for her every day, she is sometimes very depressed and alone. She had a very bad breakup and struggles to get over it. As soon as she gets near a person, she experiences rejection. She always says I am her best friend and her only true family. She grew up in a Christian school and loves Jesus very much, however struggles. I make sure that God is all over in our home, over the radio, (we don’t watch TV). I share every prayer with her and we talk about it. If it is your own child, it’s more difficult to get any message to them, they only listen after many attempts, I am just not giving up.
      Currently, I also work from home, got my whole office in my lounge, not nice.

      I connected to this prayer link a couple of years ago and wow, one blessing after the other. God spoke to me each time and gave me so many answers to prayers for myself, my daughter and close friends I prayed for. Thank you again.
      Elza Claassen

  9. In these difficult times, let us read our scriptures and seek the face of God. When you read Isiah 26:20 it says “Come my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy door about thee, hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast”. It’s time to repent is still God who made heaven and earth, and when u read another scripture, it says every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess. It’s a message to us and we need to answer by praying. If there are people who don’t know how to read the Bible in these times, I feel sorry for them.

  10. I’ve been home on quarantine now for 11 days because I traveled recently and been all alone. It is good at times because I get to really reflect on my life and at other times it’s really scary with all the news about this pandemic. I haven’t been able to get good sleep since.

    1. I am guided by the Holy Spirit to write this – Our heavenly Father in heaven is preparing us for something great which is to come, we need to be worthy to be an instrument in his plans. We need to prepare ourselves by reading the scripture, calling on the Lord to bless us with wisdom and knowledge to understand the Word and be a example to the changing world.

    2. Praying for you , Praying for God to surround you with his peace .. sending hugs and encouragement.. you will get though this ..

  11. I’m coping well with the situation. In our country, we are proceeding with normal activities except for educational institutions and gatherings. People are really worried and panicking, but I am different, due to my trust upon my living God. I trust His promises He has made in His scripture and remember that it is written in Psalm 91:9-11 “If you make the Most High your dwelling, then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent, for He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” I always call Him and remind Him saying, God, it is written in Exodus 14:14 that, “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.”
    So now, here I am, waiting for You to fight for me and all of us because You never tell us lies. So I believe if I struggle on my own, I can change nothing, but if I trust Him and wait for God, He will fight for me.
    Actually, I put all my burdens to Him as He allows us to take all our burdens (of course including COVID-19) to Him- Matthew 11:28.
    In fact, I am confident in God. I am not scared at all. In 2 Timothy 1:7, it reads, “God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self- discipline”.
    Therefore, being near to Lord by prayer and praise, and meditating upon His word, gives us the courage to face any situation.
    Nevertheless, I follow the directives as given by the government.

    1. My name is Sally and I I live in Lima Ohio and our Almighty Father is my only strength and shield in this darkness we’re currently living in.
      I have suffered for years with anxiety and panic attacks on top of chronic pain. But I testify today and always God is my strength and peace reigns more than the anxiety and panic attacks. My prayers go out to all who are living in fear. Put on the Armor of God daily! Pray and give Him thanks for His steadfast love and mercy. May we all run as fast as we can to His loving arms. My prayers are for the ones who have turned their backs on the Lord that they will have the eyes of their hearts opened so they can see how much the Father loves them and repent with true contrition of their hearts. I don’t listen to the lies of satan when he fills my mind with negativity and I’ve learned to fight back with the sword of the Spirit, the Word of the Lord. Stay strong and stay safe my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.☝️? God bless each and every one of you and your loved ones!!!
      In Christ,

  12. When everything lockdown. Where is the solution in this regards. Church of Christ it supposed to be a solution. What are we doing with this situation.

  13. I am coping, and that He has mercy on us, and He touches many souls so we can all repent and turn our hearts and trust back to Him, so we can be ready for His return and reign in His coming Kingdom

  14. We are Locked Down in our homes. I go through Scripture Meditations. Today while praying this Verse struck me mind:

    Psalms 103:9 – He will not always chide: neither will he keep his anger forever.

    Search The Scriptures. God never said that HE would destroy the world with Coronavirus. Jesus only said that such things will come to pass. The end will not come. So be of good cheer. Strengthen the feeble knees. Remember, Jesus has given us power over all the works of darkness. Nothing will hurt us.

    Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    1. Following watching the horrible news of citizens passing away all alone in Hospitals without any loved ones with them, surely our loved ones should be allowed to have a symbol of their faith with them for comfort, hope and peace? We are supposed to be a Christian nation, our national anthem sings out God save our Queen however systematically over the years all signs of Christ has been removed from all Government/Public buildings? Why then are we as a Christian nation not allowing seriously ill family members who leave our homes to go into our Hospitals the comfort of a cross to be with them in what could be their last journey on this earth? Could this be amended by Hospital trusts for all patients throughout this world health crisis?
      Peace,Hope and Pray.

  15. Our God is faithful. We are coping but to God’s glory. I don’t go to work, I am not busy. it causes me sleepless nights (insomnia). I am really worried. I pray to God to remove this pandemic from the world so that our lives can return to normal again.