Christ Is The Answer for Me not Carnival…


Ruby Kendagor was born in Trinidad and raised in an orphanage. She has lived in Montreal, Canada, and now resides in the United States. She is married to Dr. Rev. Chaplain Solomon Kendagor. Here’s her testimony:

As a Trinidadian, my life was empty, no one seemed to care for me. I was raised in the St. Mary’s Orphanage for 17 years and indeed, I am grateful for those years, living in a protected environment. As much as I love the festival of Carnival: the music, the art, the competitive spirit in competing to see who is the best musician, artist, best producer of many things,and so forth, I was not happy.

Participating in Carnival did not helped me as a young woman. In Trinidad we say, Carnival is “a time for us “Trinis” to fire up, a time to be “bad” .Living a life of trying to be “bad”, did not help me. Participating in Carnival did not help me as a young girl, instead at the end of the day, I found myself lonely, being used and guilty.

At the age of 20 years, someone took the time to share with me the Gospel of Christ. Upon hearing the Word of God, the Lord showed me from His Word that I was a sinner in need of His love and forgiveness. By faith, I repented of my sins and received the benefits of salvation that is found in Christ.

Today, I can say, Jesus is my Saviour, friend, and lover of my soul. He has given to me significance and security. I am no longer an orphan, now I am a child of God and loving it!!

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