By His Blood – What Aspects of the Law Must We Keep?

Luke 1:79  To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

I remember early on in my believer’s walk, I used to have a visit from some people who had a very different view of how to live as a believer than what I originally came to believe. They were basically preaching works righteousness, and behavior modification. It was very different from what I had come to believe about being saved by Grace through faith. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

We had just completed a Bible study, where they presented a very convincing argument out of the Old Testament that seem to mean that I was required to keep some aspects of the law. I was a new believer and this was the first time I had read the Bible, and at the end, I didn’t know better to refute what they had presented. It appeared to have real wisdom and understanding, and I couldn’t argue against them, so I accepted what they said.

Later that evening, I was sitting down thinking and I just remembered how I felt when I thought about how I had to keep these laws and do all these good things to keep my salvation. In that meditation, I thought about how I felt when I heard the message of Grace preached at the gathering I was attending. I noticed a funny thing. Even though I couldn’t explain it scripturally at the time, there was a tremendous uneasiness when I thought about all those requirements. Similarly, when I thought about the grace of God and just believing, I had a tremendous sense of peace.

Even though I couldn’t justify it in my head using the Bible, my Spirit and my heart knew what I had just learned wasn’t true. And early on, before I understood anything about being a new creation, I chose to follow the peace that I felt. My relationship with those visitors soon fell apart.

Now, many moons later, I understand that we can never have peace if we don’t understand the work is done, otherwise we will constantly be striving to make things happen by our own works. For a long time, I was taught that I couldn’t trust my heart and those feelings, but the more I understand my union with Christ, I realize I can trust the new heart he has given me, and be guided by His Peace.

Many times, people who are coming out from under the legalistic gospel that has been preached, often read my articles and get encouraged. Then, not long after, a religious devil floods them with an abundance of counter arguments and scriptures. Then those believers come back to me and ask me if I have counter arguments. Even though I can play Scripture tennis, I always say this, “I have full confidence in the Christ in you, to guide you into all truth, let peace be your guide.

Even more recently, my inbox was flooded with reaction to a TV interview that an old covenant preacher set out to disprove the message of Grace. It did little more than show their ignorance about the subject as they never even addressed the message. For me, it stirred compassion for those who actually believe what they are saying, and shows me how trapped believers are, in the throngs of legalism. But for some believers who are learning, they questioned me.

While many are awaiting a response, and expected me to do a line by line rebuttal, I didn’t do any of that. I simple asked them, how they felt after the message. Did it produce Freedom, Joy and peace, or was there conviction and overwhelming sense of duty and an awareness of their own short comings. I pretty much left it at that. One by one, they have all come to recognize the folly of the interview, with no personal intervention from myself. That is the power of his Spirit in us leading us into all truth.

 Paul White talking about Not letting our hearts be troubled.
Brook Potter

Brook Potter, a native of the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, has been a minister of the Finished Work of the Cross, including the ministry to heal the sick since 2009.

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