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Are My Children Like Angels? No Way!

I would like to share with you something which I also shared in a hangout with someone. She asked if my children were like angels and how they were so. Oh dear, I told myself, I hope I didn’t give that picture of my children in my sharings. They are no angels!

As a parent, I do go through things like all of you do, maybe not really bad ones, but a fair share. My children are just normal children, fighting between the ways of the world and spirituality.

As other children before, they also had a time when they were naughty and had to kneel outside the house till their knees ached. Once they tried to be ‘John Cena‘, and broke things, and my aquarium, and all the fish were dead when I got back from work.

Now, as young adults, I have different issues with them. They, as siblings, are very close and cover up for each other at times.

I Train My Children In The Lord

A mother’s instincts tells me between lies and truth and everything will be trashed out in a ‘coffee together’ outside privately. So much so, they get worried of ‘coffee time’!

As a parent, to a certain extend, I do allow them freedom in the modern world, like for example, music, movies, parties and clubbing especially since my older two boys are over 21.

But they know their limits and they don’t abuse their freedom. They come back home in time and not drunk. They enjoy music and the Hollywood world.

Since I enjoy a fair share of music and songs, we listen together as well sometimes, they trying to introduce me to the latest American and Bollywood charts.

These are all the ways of the world, we Christians might think, but children need to know a taste of life, to chose between good and bad and learn from choices. I can only lead them. But once they are adults, there are choices they have to make. Sometimes, when I’m unhappy, I pray they learn from the choices.

I can write history but I will say they go through the same like any other children. We were quite strict with them from babies.

Building Discipline And Respect

Discipline and respect was most important and we also prayed together and shared the Scriptures. They studied Scriptures both in church and privately, so sometimes their sharings are awesome.

There were times they didn’t want to share on the Bible or pray and would ask to go out for supper and we would say okay to that. No forcing, as we wanted them to make prayer a voluntary desire. And moderation in everything.

One thing I know for sure, though they will err in life, they will not break the rules of the country, will never harm anyone, will respect even a beggar and love is in their heart.

Just like me, no one can take the Lord Jesus away from them. I know that because I’ve seen their passion for Christ and that has done them good.

At the end of it all, however much I praise them, in the eyes of God, we are a family, humbled servants by the Great Love of Lord Jesus Christ, but always sinners and, by His Amazing Grace, we place our hopes.

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