Another prominent Caribbean religious minister has passed away. this time it is the 75 year old Dr. Holmes Williams.

Recently, the region saw the passing of Pastor Apostle Bertril Baird , Pastor KK Bachew and Pastor Myles Munroe.

“Holmes was an incredibly gifted minister of the gospel. His ministry took him around the world and he touched the lives of millions through his preaching, his radio programme, his books and, in more recent years, through the internet,” Bishop of the Barbados District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies Gerry Seale said in a statement.

Williams died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Friday where he had been hospitalised for the past three weeks where he had been receiving treatment for what family members said was Chikungunya and dengue fever.

Bishop Seales said an era has ended with the death of the founder and retired senior pastor of the People’s Cathedral.

“I give God thanks for the multiplied thousands that came to Christ through Holmes’ ministry and for the advancement of the Kingdom of God through his efforts under the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

“Through his vision and dedication, Holmes took a small group meeting in someone’s home and built a congregation of over 4,000. To that he added a credit union, a primary school and more recently a radio station. His vision was for much more. We honour him for this and thank God for His gracious anointing in using Holmes in so many ways,” Bishop Seales added.

Dr. Holmes Williams is survived by his wife, Rosie, his sons Peter, Paul and David.

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  1. There was also Dr. Ethelbert Charles from the Board of PAWI… It has been a rough couple of years.
    We have to be in constant examination of self… Lord Prepare Us…
    Love and support goes out to his family and congregation!