Prayer Requests
Submitted by: Krystal Saenz

I am always struggling with finances. As far back as I can remember this has always been a problem for me. In elementary, I didn’t have enough money to pay for school lunches and now that I am 27, I am working one full-time job and one part-time job. Yet, I can’t seem to make ends meet and I am only one, without a family.

It doesn’t make sense. Two years ago, I fell into a deep depression and lost my job. My mom tried to help me and I dragged her into financial problems as well. However we have always had them. Regardless, we remain generous and our hearts are open. I just ask for prayers as some days it is so hard to cope. I feel I might have a heart attack.

However it is not in me to give up. I pray to the Lord every day and ask him for help. I pray midnight prayers against curses.Indeed, I am doing everything I can and know, and just hope HE protects me.


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