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Always falling into financial burdens

I am always struggling with finances. As far back as I can remember this has always been a problem for me. In elementary, I didn’t have enough money to pay for school lunches and now that I am 27, I am working one full-time job and one part-time job. Yet, I can’t seem to make ends meet and I am only one, without a family.

It doesn’t make sense. Two years ago, I fell into a deep depression and lost my job. My mom tried to help me and I dragged her into financial problems as well. However we have always had them. Regardless, we remain generous and our hearts are open. I just ask for prayers as some days it is so hard to cope. I feel I might have a heart attack.

However it is not in me to give up. I pray to the Lord every day and ask him for help. I pray midnight prayers against curses.Indeed, I am doing everything I can and know, and just hope HE protects me.

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  1. Praying for you. I too have been struggling with this. I have a full time job and trying to get a part time job to help. I hope God will help us out of this struggle together. Amen

    1. Hi Krystal,

      I am praying for you and your financial burden just like the rest of us need breakthrough. I too I am struggling financially. This may be a financial curse and we need to break out of it.

      Also remember not to put your trust in no man. The scripture says cursed be the man who puts his trust in man and whose heart turns away from the LORD.-
      Jeremiah 17:5

      Do mediate on scriptures that declares breakthroughs. Our God is faithful and He wouldn’t allow his children to lack any good thing.

      May your blessings be doubled in Jesus name, Amen.

    2. As I was reading your prayer request ,in my sprit can these words(Take all your bills statements or write them down and PLEAD the BLOOD of Jesus over them UNTIL you get your breakthrough). Then we need to pray afterwards that God help us to watch our spending in Jesus name. This work is for me too. God Bless You.

      1. Yes, all my life I have been worried everyday of my life about being without money. I HAVE to change my habits and live within my means. I am in a severe state of anxiety and fear. Satan is coming at me hard! I need approval to stay in my apartment, forgiveness for past sin, total honesty in my finances, approval for the medical and housing I need.
        I have severe migraines many days a month, anxiety, fear, depression, worry about son having a job and my children future. I need to be a mother but I am in such a state that I cannot even do that. I lost my pet that was my pal for 14 years through good times and bad. I cried for a solid year, and I am doing good there, but am afraid for my life
        . I have 1029 per month social security and have rent of 353.
        It is extremely difficult to live with this, although I am sooo
        grateful for my income and my home. I need to be able to have savings and some additional income to make the utilities. I am a single woman that has been living with disease and spiritual attacks constantly. Lord, I am believing for favor in my application for rental, some income that will not affect my benefits, that I can do something when I am feeling well. a job like making my crafts etc. I ask you for your WILL be done in my life, I Have to get in front of this, I am believing for your mercy,grace, provision, healing, a secure home and secure income. My son to find his perfect job in the perfect place, him to be able to take care of the home he just bought. Rent it out, sell? I would love that he could live here in Amarillo with me. Your place lord!
        Thank you Jesus for answered prayers, for relief from anxiety and depression, pain in the heart and body. For my son to find a great job, do really well in it. Other son, to be in your blessings, I pray a hedge of protection around all of us, including the manager here, peace that surpasses allunderstanding, healing, favor, blessings and the blessing to qualify this year again for my home here, that I love, it is perfect in every way. Your favor God and deliverance from past sins, I declare in Jesus’s name that all Satan puts against us, you will protect and deliver us. That I qualify for the home, peace and favor, provision from the manager of the property. and can rest assured that all is well in my life, and my childrens, and family, Secure homes and income, and peace that is knowing you are in control, Give me the strength to give it to you lord and go in the peace that surpasses all understanding. This is day to day torture! I bind all these situations, satan’s attack of fear, depression, anxiety, stress, pain, for myself, and for my children and family. Thank you Jesus!