A Relationship To Last A Lifetime

A Relationship To Last A Lifetime

Ihave this vivid memory that is buried in my subconscious of me sitting at a high school examination. With time running out on the clock, I was trying to find some way to unlock this mysterious and elusive answer to a question that is staring at me, taunting me to solve it.

I was so overjoyed to have ended and broken the chains of my academic exploits. Then I looked forward to living the ever-so-rewarding life as an adult. But life has a very sarcastic way about it.

The Grass is Greener

As we all would agree, this is but a mere illusion. It’s a philandering untrue that is built on man’s fascination to want what is not within his reach. Simply put in layman’s terms, “the grass is always greener on the other side”.

If I were to ask: what part of your life did you enjoy the most? Probably you would be reminiscing about some childhood memory of a carefree, casual, happy life, filled with fond sentiments and immature playtimes with cousins or school friends.

It is highly doubtful that many of you would refer to the hustle and bustle, rat race, bill-paying, 9 to 5 working, hectic metropolis that is adulthood.

When we are kids, we are in such a hurry to grow up, but when we are all grown, we yearn for the sometimes ignorant bliss of childhood. We are all God’s children and I often wonder how patient He must be to put up with our day-to-day comedic atrocities regarding “greener grass”.

We wake up one day and realize we are unhappy

Some of us live a life that is filled with immorality, drinking, sexual-deviance, lies, lusting etc. And, we wake up one day and come to a sudden and heart-wrenching realization that “we are un-happy”.

We keep filling our lives with things, believing that if we accumulate enough items, make enough money, marry the right person or land the right career, that this deep hole inside us can be filled.

This is hope!

Sadly some of us go through life yearning for something we never experienced before. BUT TODAY THERE IS HOPE!

You may be saying that you have tried everything, including “religion” and knew someone who invited you to church or a crusade. But this is something completely different.

Depression is an illness that affects millions of people worldwide. The Christmas holidays catapult suicides, as many people are alone or lonely.

One if the biggest tricks of the enemy is mental warfare. He tunnels his way into our sub-conscious and he whispers. What does he say? He whispers “You are no good. You’re a bad person. God could never love you. You are damaged, broken, spoiled, a failure, a disgrace, a mistake.”

His divide-and-conquer strategy seems to work quite well. Depression is an illness that affects millions of people worldwide. The Christmas holidays catapult suicides as many people are alone or lonely.

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There’s a Sanctuary

Many are locked into loveless marriages, or have another woman on the side.  Many lament “I just staying with him because of the kids”. But did you know that there is a way out?! A sanctuary?! A shoulder that cannot be moved?!

What is it? It’s “a relationship “with your heavenly father. When the tragic shooting occurred some years ago at Columbine High School, there was a newspaper headline that read “God seems so far away”

And we sometimes feel this way as well. When we are at our lowest, our darkest hour, our lowest point, when we feel abandoned, betrayed, neglected, cold, alone and broken, we think God has left us.

But do you know that this is when he runs towards us and embraces us and says everything will be ok? Stop thinking of your God as a side-liner looking on while you live your life. He is poised and ready for battle to protect and comfort you, to fight your enemies and to bring you the peace that will fill your heart.

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How to Create this relationship

How do you create this “relationship”? Just say Hi and go from there. Talk to Him as you would talk to your friend or co-worker.

Start off with something like: Hi God, remember me? It’s Curtis! I know we haven’t spoken in a while but I’m hoping to change that now. I’m trying so hard to do the right thing but it’s hard sometimes, do you think you can help me? I’m sorry for making mistakes but I’m trying hard not to anymore ok. Do you think you can ever forgive me of my sins? Thank you for your son Jesus. Holy Spirit, come into my heart and live there, help me, I love you and I know you love me too. Thanks God. Chat soon ok, Bye.

God loves you and He wants to have a relationship with you. All you have to do is ask Him into your life. He will stick closer than a brother and He will always be there as long as you would like Him to be. So try it, He doesn’t need elaborately composed verses of prayer poured out in sing-song angelic tones. All He wants is to have a relationship with you.

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Try it and let me know how it works out.

May God bless and keep you.

A Relationship To Last A Lifetime

Curtis Guichard

I am a 35 year old business owner who after many years of hiding from his destiny has decided to embrace his Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I tend to stray from ‘religion’ as I believe that Jesus led by example and I his people should also . My hope is to attract all the people who are falling through the cracks and for the very least “tug” at their heartstrings with the knowledge that Jesus will do the rest . We are in the last Days and people need to understand that what we need is a “relationship” with Jesus the we can focus on religion. I want my message to resonate with you no matter what your religion you may be or no matter what your age is …. God loves you ….full stop .

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  1. This was so beautifully said. I say this to kn y family and friends all the time. Just talk to Abba FATHER. He listens and guides us from there. Love this! ABBA FATHER BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  2. Thank you Lord for always carrying me
    Amen & Amen

  3. What a wonderful Article Curtis. I remember when I was in such a rush to grow up, when I was 10 I wanted to be 16 a real teen! Find the right career, the right husband for me, in fact I was seeking everything Curtis has written about above. But no matter how many wonderful material things I put in to my home and life I was still unhappy and unfulfilled. Then God found me 10 years ago, or did I find Him, not sure. But once I started a relationship with my Lord things changed for me, He changed me and I think He changed me from myself, as their were things about myself I did not like very much and I could not change on my own and I needed Jesus to change me, if I did not need Jesus He would not have been sent to me. I was looking in all the wrong places for happiness…….Now I look to my Heavenly Father and discuss everything with Him…you should to, because He will be the best friend you will ever have and He will always be there for you, for He is the one that loved you first.

    1. May God keep and bless you

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