1:30 am deliverance outside a Toronto subway

1:30 am deliverance outside a Toronto subway

It was a great night with some brothers and sisters, seeing Dr. James Maloney – lots of amazing teaching, miracles and prophetic words.

On my drive home, after 1:00 am about two kilometers from my house, I am stopped at a red light. A man, about my age (40s), standing on the corner, starts yelling at me, “excuse me, do you know where Coxwell subway station is?” I give him directions, but then hear in my spirit, “Give him a ride.” Actually, I had heard this also about one minute before stopping at the red light.

The man, Dave, accepted the ride. As we drove, he told me that he just got out of being in the hospital for three days. This was due to a cardiac arrest and the doctors told him that he has liver damage from drinking. He then starts to tell me a bit of his story.

I asked whether I could bless him. Then he looks at me with a serious but stunned expression. He said, ‘sure’, just as we pulled up in front of the subway stop. He then told me how his mother is a gospel singer. He was a Christian camp counsellor and later a worship leader at a big church. But he said that life took a bad turn and he is not quite sure how he got to the place he is today.

I shared the gospel with this gospel singer’s son and some words that made him start to cry: his Daddy God loves and accepts him and wants him home…. We prayed and he asked Holy Spirit to change His life and deepen His relationship with Jesus and the Father in freedom. He felt a lot better as God’s presence touched him.

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We talked and prayed some more. He got set free from the spirit of addiction that had been plaguing him. it was wonderful that when the release came he started speaking in tongues.

As we sat there for half an hour outside the subway stop, Dave asked, “How did I meet you again.” I told him that I am rarely out this late, but that Holy Spirit put us together to show Dave how much he is loved by Jesus and His Daddy. Dave said, “Yah, I have only one Daddy,” as he pointed upward.

Thank you Holy Spirit. The word that James Maloney shared tonight was ‘yada,’ relationship about being available and vulnerable. This is what tonight was all about as Dave and I communed in my car and the secret place with our Daddy. All glory to Him in Jesus’ name.

Eric Wilding

When we intimately know who Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit is, then we know who we all are. Our passion is equipping co-rulers in the kingdom to live in the freedom and fullness of the Spirit of the Father’s Son as new creations, supernatural sons and daughters. Miracles accompany this message: “God is love…and as He is so are we now in this world” (1 John 4: 16, 17).

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  1. WOW, no matter how far we stray, He Lord keeps romancing us to get our attention!!!!! Oh, the unconditional love of the LORD!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!

  2. 4/22/13 7:89 AM.

    Amen and amen and thanks for obeying our lord in all he asked of you to do in being a blessing in helping reclaim our brother to our father who loves us and waiting with arm wide open for those who walk away from our father ways.

    Many of us walked away from our father but he’s always there waiting on us. Bless the Lord all and no matter how far you think you went astray from our father, he is still there waiting on you to call on him for forgiveness, asking to restore you back into his rightful place in life He our God has for you as he has done with many of us been astray from our walk with God
    He loves you right where you at, trust him.

    Amen Amen and Amen…

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