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I am a Woman of today ….

Focused, poised to meet the challenges of the future.

I am a communicator, a teacher of sort to my children’s generation,

an asset to this nation, and the nations of the earth.


I am a Woman of today ….

Refusing to lay the responsibilities of parenting

on the educational and religious systems.

I use my talents of communicator and teacher to lay a foundation,

Encouraging that foundation to be the springboard

from which the fundamental development of my children and others begin.


I am a Woman of today….

Hoping to achieve the commendation that is so often craved by all parents,

That my children would join with the children of those who have achieved this task,

And say beyond a shadow of a doubt, the strength of character, positive attitude, success and equilibrium they have

found in life is because of me … A Woman of today.


I am a Woman of today ….

Filled with the awareness and a sense of direction, I stretch myself,

I unearth my potential; I arise to every challenge…

Wife, homemaker, mother, employer, employee, professional,

educator, guide, counselor, intercessor.


I am focused, poised, prepared to meet the challenges of the future ….

I am a Woman of today.


“A Woman who reverences the LORD deserves praise

and the reward that she has earned” …. Proverbs (31:30-31)



Hazel Richards © Selah Images 2000- Visions of His Likeness.


Pastor Hazel Richards

Images 2000 is a collection of Psalms, Poems and Rhymes. The Holy Spirit inspired this collection as an expressed dimension of the Father’s heart. As you read and meditate upon these inspirational pieces, I trust that the Grace of God that brought salvation to all men will be with you as you find reformation, restoration, advancement and placement. Images mirror dimensions of the heart of Father GOD for this age and beyond. May the Father of our Eternal Spirit cause his perpetual Grace to flow out of your life, as you “Become CHRIST.”

Hazel Richards © Selah Images (Images 2000) Images of His Glory.

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