I-CAN 2 – The Vision, The Dream

I-CAN 2012 – what can I say? You missed it, you missed out! Really! This year’s concert  was in part geared towards building up the faith of believers. The I-CAN team also aimed to be the bridge that’s been lacking between the physical church and unbelievers. Outreach is the passion and drive behind this ministry; – touching lives and winning souls for the Lord. This year many powerful ministers took hold of the platform and spoke, sang or danced with power.

I-CAN visionary, Christian L Ramberan, gave his personal testimony about the obstacles he encountered whilst making this dream and mandate from God a reality. He said “..doing this event really meant walking by faith and trusting God.”

Here I AM to Worship – Guitar solo by Minister & Lead Guitarist Jason Bishop, at I CAN 2012 Concert

The feedback from those attended was great and many posted on social media about the impact of the concert on them. One post read “woww!!!! The concert was so awesome!!!! I was truly blessed by the worship, drama, song and testimonies.. It was so powerful and anointing.. Keep up the good work, may God continue to bless you all and the work you are doing, and continue to take you higher.” Another spoke of how blessed she was by the event.

The I-CAN 2 Team sought the face of God to give guidance and direction via weeks of prayer and submission to the Holy Spirit. I-CAN band member and lead guitarist, Jason Bishop, said ” I really think it was love that brought us together.” It was indeed the love of Christ and the passion to reach lost souls and touch them with the love of the Gospel that drew this team together. Their aim is clear, to full-fill the mandate of the great commission: to GO OUT into the WORLD and preach the Gospel to the lost, sick, tired and heavily laden. The I-CAN Team acknowledges this mandate in several ways. The ministry also has various facets including an outreach called the “Make a Child Smile” Outreach and the “Brothers Road” Outreach.

“The testimony was amazing, for people who are looking for glory in the world it was really worth an ear,” said Caryll Balliram. Young people can be on fire for God, they can sing, dance, shout, their words are worth listening to and their input is vital. I-CAN is more than an event, it is executing the life, live and direct, in the way that we as Christians were called to live. As the song says Worship is more than a song. Worship is reaching out to those that are left behind – this is what this band and ministry is about.

The I-CAN band included:- visionary/lead vocalist- Christian l Rambaran, drummer- Kevon Willie, lead guitarist- Jason Bishop, bass guitarist- Donald Daharu, keyboardist- Fabian Sirju and lead vocalist- Renata Singh. The IPA group also ministered with a mime led by Denzil Ramdass and featuring three young ladies as well as guitar solos.

I-CAN motto is none other than Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.



That I may know Him and the power of the Cross. I'm learning more and more to trust that God has my best interests at heart and that everything He does is for purpose and by design. I encourage you to get to know Him, it has been the most exciting journey so far for me, I'm sure it will be the same for you!

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