Daily Prayer ~ July 9th, 2012


Exalted Creator in Heaven, You are all powerful, You are GOD, You are our beloved Father. We petition You through intercession and prayerful supplication, that You preside over our deliverance, and the deliverance of our brothers and sisters, who are enslaved and ensnared by sinister spirits and chaotic curses, unleashed by the defeated devil and his demented demons, and are knowingly and unknowingly passed down through spiritual gateways, from generation to generation. LORD, we bind those dormant devastating demons, which are quietly settled in our realms, and are patiently waiting to manifest their destruction, later in our lives, or in the lives of our seed, and we loose the precious Blood of JESUS on their poisonous plots.

JEHOVAH NISSI, in the name of JESUS, and by the power of his Word, we take Your Sword of the Spirit and cut ourselves free from all generational curses and transferred spirits, as well as other inherited sins, weaknesses, character defects, personality traits, health problems, cellular disorders, and genetic disorders. We sever all unhealthy soul-ties, spiritual entrapments, and forms of enmeshment, and cut all bonds within us, that are not of You, LORD. Heavenly Father, we put the cross of Your Son, JESUS CHRIST, between ourselves and the sins of our parents, our grandparents, and all of our fore parents.

LORD GOD, we decree and declare the bondage of cursed generational inheritance broken. We declare that our offspring, and all our future offspring are free of the strongman of negative genetic connection. We declare that our spouses are released from the burden of carrying generational garbage. ABBA Father, we declare that any unhealthy relationships that we and our loved ones have had with others in the past, are irreversibly severed, and all the bonds of these heretic relationships are permanently cut, at the beginning of our lineage, and by the power of Your Word, and in the name of our LORD and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST, we declare that we are now free, free to be the child of GOD, that the LORD intended us to be….AMEN!!!

Ian C. Howe

I am relentlessly pursuing a personal relationship with GOD (Koinonia). Since I found the Love of GOD, and embraced His Grace in 2008, His Refiner's Fire has been purging me of my many impurities. Though the process is challenging, my mind is being renewed as I develop the characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit, and strive to become the image of CHRIST here on earth. Come to know CHRIST, His yoke is easy to carry, and your labour will become light

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