Daily Prayer ~ July 28th, 2012


Exalted Creator, our Father in Heaven, we Praise and Glorify Your awesome name, Heaven and Earth bows before You, there is no name higher than Yours. We believe that You had no one as great as Yourself to swear onto, so You swore unto Yourself, stepped out of Heaven, giving up Your Omniscience, limiting Your Omnipotence, and sacrificing Your Omnipresence, exposing Yourself to this vile and wicked world, born through a pure virgin birth, You became man, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, our Redeemer and the Saviour of our Souls, also known as Emmanuelle, who is GOD with us.

Majestic Creator, our Beloved Father, we believe that You lived a perfect, sinless life, so that You would become the spotless, sacrificial Lamb, which was needed for the permanent Remission of all our sins. We believe You willfully, offered Yourself up for capture, torture, and crucifixion. We believe the already defeated devil, thought he won the war, when You died on the Cross, as he believed You were vulnerable on his territory, so orchestrated Your physical demise, to show his power over You. Oh what a public idiot he became!! We believe Your Spirit cannot be harnessed by death.

All Conquering Creator, our ABBA Father, we believe that You had this Redemptive plan from the Foundation of Creation, and Your expansive Wisdom exploded in the face of the evil enemy, when You Resurrected from the dead three days later. LORD, he never knew what hit him, when You stepped into hell, crushed his head and demanded the keys to our Souls.

LORD JESUS, our Redemptive Saviour and Lover of our Souls, we believe that You spilled Your Precious Blood, so that we shall be saved, and that we shall not be subject to the curses or judgments of evil intent. LORD, by Your Blood, we ask You to cancel and release us from any, and all curses and judgments that bind our lives from past or present causes. LORD, if we are under any curse from our Holy Father, please let it be known to us so we may repent and be forgiven. Please open the door to our Fathers’ Blessings. Thank You JESUS for freeing us to receive the deliverance we need….AMEN!!

Ian C. Howe

I am relentlessly pursuing a personal relationship with GOD (Koinonia). Since I found the Love of GOD, and embraced His Grace in 2008, His Refiner's Fire has been purging me of my many impurities. Though the process is challenging, my mind is being renewed as I develop the characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit, and strive to become the image of CHRIST here on earth. Come to know CHRIST, His yoke is easy to carry, and your labour will become light

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  1. Borther Aviansh Diaram says

    hey Guys(Webmaster,editors/co-editors,Authors, archivers, data entry) what’s up?

    Thank you all for these Daily musical pieces, May the words of God resounds in our beings.These well knitt, fashioned, wrought beings.

    The intro page bears a soothing touch to a yet focused ambience especially in the context of prayer (service) unto God.

    * Prayer should be encourage in all places where people congregate not simply in Church,conferences,workshops,camps, concerts, tract distribution.

    *When bearers go and Come in our christian lives it leaves hostility, hatred.and even great respect for fear and uncertainty but the Lord Jesus is/could be our Beat Friend.

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