Daily Prayer ~ July 25th, 2012


Heavenly Father, our GOD of Faithfulness, we prayerfully petition that You would Strengthen and Enlighten us, as we revel in the infinite Power that You have bestowed unto us, through the Resurrection of Your only begotten Son, JESUS CHRIST, and that You shall reveal every way, that we are allowing the defeated devil to hinder, undermine, and distort Your unadulterated Truth in our lives. LORD, we relinquish whatever stronghold the evil enemy believes he has over us, as our minds are Spiritually renewed, through meditating on Your Precious Word.

ABBA Father, our GOD of Love, Peace and Hope, we pray and believe that You shall enable us to become the kind of people that would submit to Your Perfect Will for our lives. Father, we pray and believe that you will encourage us to be aggressive in our prayer life, and in our walk of unflinching Faith. I pray and believe that you will enable us to be aggressive mentally, so that we can Study, Meditate, Write and Practice Your Word, thus giving You the rightful place, as LORD and Overseer of our lives.

JEHOVAH SABBAOTH, our LORD of Hosts, we claim a Protective Hedge of Faith around our loved ones, and ourselves throughout this beautiful day created just for us. Father in Heaven, we call on Legions of Your Protective Angels to surround us today, we strategically place them with precise positioning, throughout our homes, businesses, places of employment, around our cars, Minds, Souls, Bodies, Wills and Emotions, not giving the evil enemy elbow room, to exact extreme exertions in our existence.

Majestic Creator, Master of all the Universe, by Your Sword of the Spirit, all whom we care for, are now fully defended against, any diabolical intrusions, demonic insertions, or any other physical or mental attacks, that are wickedly wielded by the evil enemy and his chaotic cohorts, and by Kingdom Decree, and the Spiritual Authority that we acquired on Calvary, we Declare all of this done, in the Mighty name of JESUS CHRIST… AMEN!!!

Ian C. Howe

I am relentlessly pursuing a personal relationship with GOD (Koinonia). Since I found the Love of GOD, and embraced His Grace in 2008, His Refiner's Fire has been purging me of my many impurities. Though the process is challenging, my mind is being renewed as I develop the characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit, and strive to become the image of CHRIST here on earth. Come to know CHRIST, His yoke is easy to carry, and your labour will become light

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