Daily Prayer ~ August 9th, 2012

financial freedom

Exalted Creator, today we choose Paths of Excellence, and we recognize that whatever work we do, we must do it as unto You. Father, we shall strive to be worthwhile representatives of You here on this earth, and though the defeated devil may delegate his diabolical demons, and disgusting human agents to undermine our efforts. You have Promised that the Final Victory will be ours, so we stand on Your Word.

JEHOVAH JIREH, You have given us “The Great Commission” of Selfless LOVE to accomplish here in this wicked world. Father, we know that You shall Provide the necessary Resources to meet the needs of achieving this successfully. So, we hereby enter into Spiritual Warfare for the Releasing of Finances, and all the other Forms of Favour that You have Pre-Destined for our acquisition.

ABBA Father, we call forth every form of Provision, You have made available for us before the Foundation of Creation. LORD, we call forth Your Heavenly Blessings from the North, South, West and East!! Father, we call forth every form of Capital that pertains to our Divine Destinies, Purposes, and Ministries, LORD, only through our unflinching Faith in You, shall our Supplies that You have already distributed in the Causal realm, be Manifested into the physical, We shall NOT be denied!

Majestic Creator, we decree and declare on Your Promised Word, that every Resource necessary for us to fulfill Your Pre-Ordained Plans, shall come to us without delay NOW! That the Wealth of the wicked is no longer being laid up for us, but shall be released NOW! LORD, let the emissaries of satan, who are holding on to our Wealth longer than they should, be afflicted and tormented without relief, until they release what rightfully belongs to us!! We Command the defeated enemy to “Cough it up!”, “Spit it out!”, “Loose it!” and “Release it!” You, wicked devil! YES you! We Demand you LET IT GO NOW! In JESUS’ most Powerful name we declare…AMEN!!

Ian C. Howe

I am relentlessly pursuing a personal relationship with GOD (Koinonia). Since I found the Love of GOD, and embraced His Grace in 2008, His Refiner's Fire has been purging me of my many impurities. Though the process is challenging, my mind is being renewed as I develop the characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit, and strive to become the image of CHRIST here on earth. Come to know CHRIST, His yoke is easy to carry, and your labour will become light

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