Daily Prayer ~ August 18th, 2012

Heavenly Father, as Your Humble Servants, we bow before You in Awe of Your Might and Power, and in Obedience to our Covenants made in Your Presence. LORD, we pray that all Married Couples would rejoice in each other’s Strengths and Gifts, and would Pray with Supplication, concerning their weaknesses and sins Father, we Pray that You would give them a Selfless Love that Bears all things, even in hardships, Believes all things that are good, and Hopes for all things in Faith. LORD GOD, we Pray that they would Love and Obey Your Precious Word, while building their Lives, and Families on its Unadulterated Truth.

Majestic Creator, we plead that Married Couples would always speak in Uncompromising Truth to each other, honestly and openly, but gently sharing their feelings, as they lovingly Surrender all that they are, and all that they have to each other. ABBA Father, create within them, ravenous hunger for each other, but give them the Grace to be only satisfied with one another, that they might give each other, great Delight and Joy. Father, we plead that they would be sensitive to each other’s needs and hurts, and enable them to Minister to one another in these areas. LORD, we plead that You would Deepen and Strengthen their friendship with each other.

JEHOVAH GOD, we ask You to Protect all Marriages from the wily attacks of the defeated devil. Deliver them from his poisonous plans. Father, help them to discern and deal with those things that hinder and hurt their relationships. LORD, Bless and Strengthen them, in the midst of the pressures and problems that affect them, including those caused by Finances, Family or Friends. Father, we ask that You would deliver them from the dangers of pettiness and unforgiveness in their relationships.

Exalted Father, we Pray that Husbands and Wives would Love You with all their beings, and their neighbors as themselves. Father, we Pray that they would be Kind and Tenderhearted to each other, Forgiving one another, even as GOD, for CHRIST’s sake has Forgiven us. We pray that our Married Couples will Glorify You, and be an example of Your True intentions for relationships on this Earth. In JESUS’ Precious name we Pray…AMEN!!

Ian C. Howe

I am relentlessly pursuing a personal relationship with GOD (Koinonia). Since I found the Love of GOD, and embraced His Grace in 2008, His Refiner's Fire has been purging me of my many impurities. Though the process is challenging, my mind is being renewed as I develop the characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit, and strive to become the image of CHRIST here on earth. Come to know CHRIST, His yoke is easy to carry, and your labour will become light

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      URGENT PRAYER REQUEST-Sister Mary Goodrich from Solid Rock Worship Center in Oak Hill has been sent to UVA. Sister Mary has been fighting caencr for the past two years and is having more complications. Doctors are evaluating her to find answers. We are asking our friends to lift her up in prayer.Pray that the Lord would perform a miracle in her body.

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