Living Word Christian Centre

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Living Word Christian Centre
Living Word Christian Centre
Pastor Nelson Sammy-Guilarte
53a Circular Rd
San Fernando

LWCC has been raised up by God, birthed of the Holy Spirit and through an open vision, given the mandate to bring people into the knowledge of the Living Word of God, so that they can become all that the Word says that they are in Jesus Christ, to raise up a people of Faith, Power and Authority, teaching them to work in Spirit and Truth and to fulfill the Great Commission “to go into all the Word and make disciples of all nations.”

Location Of Services
South Service: ECU Conference Facilities, Souther Main Road, Marabella

North Service: Corner South Quay and Broadway, Port-of-Spain

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 113, San Fernando, Trinidad

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Living Word Outreach to the Community
Live Worship Stream
652-2253 / 657-9751 ext. 101
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